Knowledge of material

Toray is a diversified corporate group with operations in 19 countries and regions. Underlying our operations is technological expertise in the three core fields of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry. Our foundation businesses – Fibers and Textiles, and Plastics and Chemicals – originated in these technologies. Our operations also diversify into such businesses as Information and Telecommunications (IT)-related Products, Housing and Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products, and Advanced Composite Materials.

Toray's Corporate Philosophy is

To contribute to society through the creation of new value
by innovative ideas, technologies and products.

Toray's Environmental Policy is

It is Toray CFA’s policy to conduct all of our operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner; to comply with environmental laws and regulations; to reduce its use of resources and generation of waste; to strive for continual improvement; and lead by example. 

We will set appropriate objectives and targets related to our business in order to fulfill a sound environmental obligation and commit ourselves to reducing the environmental impacts associated with our business. 

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